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Michael has unique expertise in curating wines for weddings and special events. He will pair wines with your menu and arrange FREE delivery to your venue anywhere in the USA. 

Perman Wine and Sensory

Sommelier Michael Perman creates unforgettable
wine-tasting experiences
for special events in residences and business settings.

Michael Perman, Wine Sommelier
Michael curates wines for weddings and events

About Michael Perman, His Innovative Gatherings and Wine

Michael Perman is deeply passionate about combining his skills in creativity and innovation with professional wine-tasting. His wine-tasting events integrate sensory immersions that evoke memories and stimulate taste buds, making the wine more enjoyable and fun.


Michael has earned Sommelier certifications from esteemed institutions including the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and the Court of Master Sommeliers. Michael is also a water Sommelier.

Drawing from years of immersive exploration with hundreds of wines, Michael offers curated wine and sensory immersions, skillfully illuminating the intricate interplay between wine, culinary arts, perception skills, and the essence of innovation.


“By elevating your ability to perceive the sensory signals that wines emit, you will be more tuned into possibilities for fresh thinking."

Many of my wines are selected from the curated collections found on Wine event I create for you will be much better than a typical tasting room. I specialize in creating a unique experience based on your personal desires, stimulating your imagination with stories and unexpected delights. I look forward to providing a bespoke and inspiring wine event for you, your friends/family, or your team.

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Red Wine Tasting
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Wine Tasting Experiences

Connect with Michael 

Portland, Oregon


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