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“Michael creates a sensory experience that's beyond any typical wine tasting”

Jessica L - Portland

“One of the most enjoyable evenings I've had in a long time! Michael was incredibly knowledgeable about his wines and the history of the regions and balanced the learning with light fun. I loved how he pulled our group together with great questions we could ponder as we sipped. Book him for your next event!”

Barbara - Portland

Rosy, Portland
“Michael is an exceptional host and took special care to tailor the tasting to the interests and background of the group. The wines were excellent and included varietals familiar to a Northwest palate but showcasing other regions. Michael demonstrated the mastery of the details of wine making and is skilled at bringing art to this science. Wonderful experience all around."

Brooke, Portland

"Had the great pleasure of being invited to a private wine tasting featuring a selection of wines from Saison. Michael is extremely knowledgeable and offers a unique approach to Wine appreciation. As a novice, it was both enjoyable and educational. He’s a consummate host and created a wonderful experience for all!."

M Chachuela, Portland

“Michael Perman’s wine tasting experience was extremely enlightening. I still taste the excellent wines he chose on my palate! Through his skilled guidance, Michael has created a sensory treat now engrained in memory. It’s a landmark for me of getting to know the notes and flavors of a very high quality selection. Thanks, Michael!l.”
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